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How to Generate Scalable Leads with Facebook Ads

February 15 2017

Ads work best when they conform to the media on which they appear. Since Facebook is mostly about sharing and discovering content, Facebook ads work best when they're content-driven and indirect.

The following infographic explains a Facebook advertising strategy you can use to generate leads and sales for a B2B company. It fits the Facebook medium perfectly, generates huge ROI and is great fun to implement.

How to generate scalable leads with Facebook ads infographic

(If you can't see the infographic above check your ad blocking software.)

Adlove is a new ad network based on the idea of incorporating publisher advocacy into ads (think 'We ♥ [BRAND]' badges on blogs). Advertisers get content-like ads that convert 4-10x better than normal ads. Publishers get paid to display beautiful ads that they love. End-users get ads that flow with the user experience. Learn more here.

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