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Why Adlove is good

Today's content monetization systems encourage scapegoating on a massive scale. Conventional ad networks put creative control solely with the advertiser which means that a publisher's revenue has little to do with its reputation. The only way a publisher can earn higher revenues is by increasing volume (pageviews) since the price (CPM) is more or less fixed by the market.

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The most reliable way of generating lots of pageviews is to create gigantic mobs. The organizing factor that defines a mob is a common enemy; a scapegoat. What we see today is competitive scapegoating at a world scale; happening in both obvious and subtle ways.

Adlove – Linking Money with Trust

(For those of you who don't know: Adlove is a new ad network based on the idea of incorporating publisher advocacy into ads (think 'We ♥ [BRAND]' badges on blogs -- see here for a diagram)

One of the key ideas behind Adlove is to share creative control between advertisers and publishers. This bridges the gap between a publisher's reputation and its revenue and unsticks the price component of the revenue equation.

So that's why I think Adlove is inherently good. It structurally downplays competitive scapegoating and incentivizes media companies to build trust by discovering new and important truths.

by Aftab Singh (@affalytics) | Ideas home