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How to Re-monetize Your Sponsored Posts

There's a simple way you can make additional revenue from the sponsored posts already on your site. It involves using a new technique in advertising. Not only does the technique let you turn your past sponsored posts into a recurring income stream, but it helps you deliver great experiences to your users and sponsors.

The technique is to employ a simple variant on the traditional banner ad. There are two key differences:

  1. Instead of the ad being created by the advertiser, it’s co-created by you and the advertiser.
  2. Instead of the ad linking to the advertiser's site, it links to a post on your own site, about the advertiser.

As you may see already, this is a formula for re-monetizing the sponsored posts you set up in the past. You create an ad that’s customized to your site’s voice and aesthetic, and make it link to your post about the sponsor. It should be placed in a location that appears across your whole blog (e.g. the sidebar) so that it funnels traffic from across your site to the post. The sponsor will get new engagement from readers who discovered you after the post was published, and they’ll re-engage your longer-term readers.

Diagram of co-created, internal ad.

(If you can't see a diagram above check if your ad blocking software is blocking it.)

The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Create a custom ad that integrates with your site, promoting an old sponsored post.
  2. Reach out to your old sponsor, proposing to place it across your site for a fee.
  3. If they say yes, place it on your site, link it to the post they sponsored, and earn!

Since your readers visit your site to hear from you, you’ll give them a great experience with ads created by you (linking to posts by you). Because of this fundamental alignment, the advertiser will see more engagement than they would otherwise achieve with regular ads. By delivering better results, you’ll improve your own earning prospects.

It's a straightforward technique that you can leverage to create a positive-sum win for yourself, your sponsors and your readers. If you need help doing this, or if you simply want features and tools to maximize your chances of success, you can use AdLove to help you. It’s easy, self-serve and we only succeed if you do (we only get a low fee from your earnings if you’re successful). I hope you decide to try this technique and wish you the very best of luck!

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by Aftab Singh, Founder of AdLove.com (@affalytics) | Ideas home